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Things to do following surgery


  • Painkillers: Cataflam 3x1 or Algopyrin 3x1 or Donalgin 3x1 / day
  • Antibiotics: The prescribed antibiotics must be taken in the dosage on the prescription. If   you   have any problems, such as hives or any allergic reaction you should stop taking the medicine.
    Probiotics: i.e., Normaflor or Protexin It may be beneficial to take the  probiotic while taking the antibiotic treatment.
    Please note: Do not ingest the antibiotic and the probiotic at the same time! After ingesting the antibiotic, you must wait at least three hours before taking the probiotic.
  • Calcium tablets: 2x1 / day, taken only while the swelling remains
  • Gengigel: Put this gel on the wound, which helps the healing


The patient should refrain from brushing his teeth on the area that will be treated or operated on, however he should brush his other teeth, carefully avoiding the surgical area.


On the day of the surgery the patient SHOULD NOT rins his mouth/ including with mouthwash/, from the next day the use of the following products is recommended:Curasept, Corsodyl, Chlorhexamed, Meridol.


After the numbness subsides the patients may eat and drink once again.If possible the patient should avoid chewing food on the surgically repaired area.


Iceing the face helps reduce the swelling. It is recommended, that the patient ice his face for 10 minutes followed by 20 minutes brake.Than he should repeat the process while the swelling remainds.

It is forbidden!

In the following 4-5 days aftre the surgery it is forbidden to exercise or to do heavy physical activity, to sit in a sauna and to swimm.

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